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      Hello there.  First of all, my real  
            first name is Omar.  I am 33 years                  old, born March 14, a pisces
       ( I am not a great believer in horoscopes)
      I was born in Havana Cuba.  My parents
        and I came to the U.S to escape Castro's
        Communist regine.  We left
         Cuba when I was 3 months old,                              I am an American Citizen..
        In case you did not notice, I am from 
           the great city of Miami, Florida.  I                 lived here most of my life.  I love              it here in paradise.  Honestly
          folks, all that you read about Miami's
           bad points is all bullshit This city
           is safe and fun.   
       I have never bean married and   have no
          kids.  I have a dog named COCOAand
          a cat named KITTY.  To me these are                                my KIDS.
      My passions are Music, Sports, Movies, and 
        T.V.  Humor is important to me.  I love                     making people laugh.
       I am very political and get involved
           in causes I believe strongly about. 
       I went to a small college in Ohio named
               Heidelberg College.  I recieved 
          my business degree from the University                of Miami(GO CANES!!!).
        On March 14 of this year, I lost the
           only person in my life that was 
        always there for me and accepted me
      for me---My Mother.  I miss her dearly.               Well, that is all for now                                   Sorry for boring you.

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