<-- put the server you want where i have irc.zuh.net - most ports are 6667 change the port # if you need to - put your room name where i have cybercity333 --> <-- Type or cut and paste your room entry pop ups here where it says #one, #two etc. delete the #one and type your pop up in. these go into the room on one click --> <-- Type or cut and paste your prompt pop ups here, these require a question and a text message --> <-- this is the script that activates the music when you click on the pull down menu, do not alter this script --> <-- these codes make your irc work, do not alter these codes. --> <-- end of codes that can't be altered --> <--THIS CHANGES THE BACKGROUND COLOR HERE--> <--ITS BLACK NOW-->
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<--If you want an image to show when people come in your irc put it here, or you can put a text message here. --> <-- this is the start of the chatbar typing script codes -->
<--These are the msg boxs here, i have 6 of them-->
<--Here are the buttons for the room entry pop ups-->
<--Here are the room changer and optional url buttons, where it says room / server onclick location http:// you put the new url of your irc, do not use my url of angelfire or your switch / room button will take you back to my basic irc when you try to switch rooms and or servers. -->

Put your irc mailer name here

Type Message Here

Put E-Mail Addy Here
Then Click Enter

Then Click Submit