stacking spacing embedding backgrounds embedding gifs injecting color things to keep in mind using graph paper Stacking allows you to put one scope above or below the next. To do this, you write two codes but put in a new        
tag. I have changed some of the values from the above examples to demonstrate stacking. I have also removed the border.
Spacing allows you to create a space or break in between scopes. There are several different breaks you can create. This first example shows how to put a break in between the two scopes that we just learned to stack by simply using the


Another example is to use a tag. (thanks Knoc!)
This next example shows how to create a space on the same line using "&nb sp;" (without the quotes and the space) I have used 6 in this example.       
"&nb sp;""&nb sp;""&nb sp;""&nb sp;""&nb sp;""&nb sp;"
Embedding backgrounds is another way of creating a space or break within your audioscope. To do this, you must first know the name of the background you want to embed. The next step is to write it in the code using This background, as well as the graph paper background, was found at Imaging Man's site. Check it out to see more of his great backgrounds.
Embedding Gifs is accomplished the same way as embedding backgrounds. The gifs seen here were found at Draac's Gifs 1-2-3! *Please Note: I have added a black audioscope in between the two eye gifs on both examples to create a spread out effect. This is done by making the bg, left and right color all the same color. The code for that is and it will show up as this.
Injecting color is what I call having 2 or more colors on the same line.
Things To Keep In Mind You do not need a closing
tag. You can write your code in any order. The use of quotes is not necessary. Height, width, gain, left and rightoffsets, and music will all make your scope react differently. Play around with different values to create the look you desire.

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